Spotlight on Ag – Don Wisdom Photography

I was raised in the California Delta, on an Agricultural Ranch. I remember what it feels like to strip off my shirt and jump head long into the river, feeling the water wash over my sun-drenched skin. Or the smell of a freshly plowed field; reaching down and picking up a handful of soil, feeling the texture and the warmth in my hand. I would ride my bike down country roads with the wind whipping past me. Walk through fields with my shotgun over my shoulder waiting for my dog to flush a pheasant. These are special memories for me.

dadWhile growing up on the farm I watched my dad, Orvil Wisdom, put in long hours. He left when it was dark and he returned when it was dark. Not only did he give me a good work ethic, he taught me the importance of dirt (earth) and water, both makes it possible to grow food. Without them we will not survive. My father was Native American and he had an intense respect for nature and all it provides.

As a young boy I realized that life is a sequence of memories and that with a camera I would be able to capture portions of my life to share with others. I wanted to be able to put memories like these in photos.

I have always loved shooting pictures and have constantly had a camera of some sort. I purchased my first serious camera when I was in the Army in 1970, while I was stationed in Europe. From that point forward I was addicted. When digital format came along, I was obviously excited; no more sending film in to be developed.

Through the years I have been able to bring photography and agriculture together. You will see most of what I capture relates in some way to my respect of earth and water. I hope that you will enjoy my work, as much as I relish the idea of sharing the vivid beauty of my life.

profileDon Wisdom grew up in the Sacramento Delta area, participating in 4H, FFA and all that farm life has to offer. His first experience earning a paycheck was in the tomato and sugar beet fields moving syphon and rain pipe and driving a tractor during harvest. After high school and military service, he studied agribusiness at Consumnes College in Sacramento and continues to work on the chemical business. You can see more of Don’s images on his Facebook page at