Meet the Farmer – Scott Wilson

My name is Scott Wilson, I am 25 years old, married to a wonderful woman with 2 beautiful children ages 2 and the other 1 month old. I was born and raised in Southwest Missouri on a small dairy where the family milks about 100 Jerseys and Holsteins on a rotation grazing system. Through my school years I was active in 4H and FFA. After high school I attended a small 2yr community college with a wonderful Ag program the ultimately lead me to my wife.

Unfortunately our family dairy wasn’t able to support two full family incomes so I had to search for employment off farm once I made it out of school. I worked a few odd jobs until I landed my current position as an Agronomic Team member (glorified laborer with specific skills) on a medium sized corn, soybean and wheat crop operation not too far from where I grew up. With my occupation, I am in charge of all the technological aspects of the operation. Also of course during planting season you can find me running the planter or seed drill. During harvest, I could be anywhere from in an 18 wheeler, the grain cart or sometimes they let me play in the combine 😉

Agriculture to me isn’t just a job but rather a passion for a specific way of life that many individuals were born with. I couldn’t imagine my life without it. I have the utmost respect for those involved with and around Ag.

So with all that said, I am very proud to say that not only does My Job Depend On Ag but my life depends on it also!