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Meet Daniel Van Gerpen – Fresno Painter Depends on Ag for Inspiration

My name is Daniel Van Gerpen, a Fresno based artist. I have been surrounded by agricultural landscapes my entire life. I grew up in the Midwest surrounded by corn and bean fields. The vibrating rows vibrated in my periphery as I endeavored on many a drive through the country. When I moved to California as a young adult I found the fertile fields of the Salinas Valley a source of artistic inspiration. It was not until my migration to the central valley in the throws of a drought that my interest turned to the relationship between the fields and their water sources.
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Aerial Application – Agriculture’s Soaring Superheroes

If you grew up anywhere near an agricultural community, you most likely heard the loud buzz of a crop duster flying a near-by field. Back and forth, pass by pass, applying nutrients or protection to resources that would one day be on your dinner table. It is often an industry that is criticized due to misinformation or overlooked, even though it is vital to our great Nation’s food supply. Although you may know them as crop dusters, aerial applicators would be a much more accurate term, because they do so much more that just fly crops.
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Spotlight on Ag – Fence Post Ag

A simple online search for farm supply equipment will likely lead you to Fence Post Ag offers online sales of irrigation supplies, tractor parts, spray nozzles, pruning and harvesting equipment, and many other products for farmers as well as home gardeners. And while the website is quickly becoming a great tool for the Ag community, it’s the people behind
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