Ag Rises in the West

New Grassroots Super PAC is launched, gaining momentum.

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The regulatory persecution of the hard-working men and women who grow the food we eat and fiber for the clothes we wear, has been ongoing by politicians, unelected bureaucrats, and the radical environmental community in California for decades.

Grassroots Facebook groups such as My Job Depends On Ag and The California Water for Food and People Movement, have formed with membership numbers in the tens of thousands. They are responding by using social media to counter misinformation as well as take action. Their latest move will now focus its sights on the enemies of the production of food and fiber through a new Super PAC (Political Action Committee) which has united a cross section of resource related industries.Farmers use water to do something amazing - grow your food

“The two major items that will set this PAC apart are the grassroots direction and voice required, and that it will only be used for the purpose of knee-capping those who are hostile to the interests of food and fiber,” said Anja Raudabaugh, CEO of Western United Dairymen.

The PAC will put targets on the backs of those, who through their positions as elected and unelected bureaucrats, continue to impose regulatory abuses lacking reputable science or common sense. The grassroots will determine “candidates” for the PAC’s aim based on a score-card system.

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Unlike other existing PACs, this one will not be used for the endorsements, direct contributions to elections or offices, or for any other effort aimed at the promotion of candidates.

For current information and specifics on signing-up, please join us on Facebook at

You may also request an invoice to make a confidential donation by emailing

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Author Kristi Diener is the founder of The California Water for Food and People Movement.