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Why We Show

Fair time is fun time. That’s what we are told, and when it’s our first year, we believe it. We look forward to it like none other. All we have to do is raise an animal? A pig? A lamb? And then we sell it? Sounds simple, right? I mean, it’s just some animal… Right? But after your first year...
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The End of The Fig Lady

People go out of business every day. It could be due to inexperience, mismanagement, or economic factors, but they close their doors and quit. My reasons for quitting are a little different and if you have a few minutes, I’d like to tell you my story. My name is Tonetta Simone Gladwin and I am the third and final generation
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For the Love of Agriculture

I know I’m fortunate to find my passion early in life. I never knew I would feel this much for a career option. I see people every day fighting their jobs and complaining about what they chose to do when they were younger. I knew from the very beginning, I would never feel like that about my choice. I may
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